Publicado el 2 May, 2023 / Next Activities

XLII Congress of Marine Sciences 2023

This May 22 in Puerto Montt, the 42nd Congress of Marine Sciences organized by the University of Los Lagos, the Technological Institute of Salmon (Intesal) and the Chilean Society of Marine Sciences (SChCM) will be inaugurated, which on this occasion will bring together to the disciplinary community under the theme “Challenges in Marine Science Research and Communication”.

The event, which will last until May 26, will include keynote talks by national and international experts, panels of researchers, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as symposiums, courses and workshops on research and communication of the marine sciences from the perspective of both public and private institutions as well as companies in the field.

Confirmed Master Talks
Tuesday 23: Dr. Doris Soto. «Interdiscipline and scientific collaboration to better contribute to the sustainable management of aquaculture».
Wednesday 24: Dr. Cristian Vargas. “Swimming in Sour or in Green Tea?: The importance of characterizing pH in the habitat of marine populations for a realistic assessment of the impacts of ocean acidification”.
Thursday 25: Dr. Nélida Pohl. “Everything you always wanted to know about how to communicate your science and never dared to ask.”
Friday 26: Dr. Alejandro Pérez Matus. «Diving into processes and mechanisms that affect subtidal ecosystems: from the shallow to the semi-deep».

To find out about the workshops and symposiums of the Marine Sciences Congress, visit the official site.