Publicado el 8 May, 2023 / News

INCAR Center announces activities to commemorate the Month of the Sea

The Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research (INCAR) will participate in a series of activities that will take place during the month of May, to commemorate the Month of the Sea. Learn about the places and dates in which they will take place.

Marine Biodiversity Carnival

On Friday, May 12, INCAR will be part of the Carnival of Marine Biodiversity, an activity organized by the Department of Oceanography of the University of Concepción (DOCE UdeC). The conference that will take place at the Marine Biology Station of the UdeC, in Dichato, will be open to the entire community and includes a day of activities, games, fresh and dry modules to immerse yourself in the world of Marine Sciences.

On the occasion, it will be possible to see the stand “The Benthic World and its Diversity: Know to Protect”, made up of 100 species that are part of the natural and cultural heritage of our sea, in addition to the virtual reality game “Eco Salmonero Ninja”, in which must protect a fish culture, from contamination by waste and from Sea Lice.

Marine Science Congress

On May 22 in Puerto Montt, the 42nd Congress of Marine Sciences organized by the University of Los Lagos, the Technological Institute of Salmon (Intesal) and the Chilean Society of Marine Sciences (SChCM) will be inaugurated, which on this occasion will bring together to the disciplinary community under the theme “Challenges in Marine Science Research and Communication”.

The event, which will last until May 26, will include keynote talks by national and international experts, panels of researchers, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as symposiums, courses and workshops on research and communication of the marine sciences from the perspective of both public and private institutions as well as companies in the field.

At the event, the INCAR Center will give a keynote talk and present 6 research studies in oral and poster format.

Meeting of Professional Technical Establishments of Biobío Aquaculture

The Filidor Gaete de Llico High School, in conjunction with the INCAR Center, will organize the First Meeting of Professional Technical Establishments in the specialty of Aquaculture on the Biobío coastline.

The initiative that will take place in Llico aims to bring scientific knowledge closer to high school students specializing in aquaculture, around issues related to caring for the sea that allow them to reflect and contribute to sustainability in their respective locations and in the region.

The meeting that will be held on Wednesday, May 31, will have the participation of the Liceo Pencopolitano de Penco establishments; the Trapaqueante High School in Tirúa and the Filidor Gaete High School in Llico.