Publicado el 22 June, 2023 / News

CTCI Minister recognized state-of-the-art research during a protocol visit to the UdeC

During the afternoon of Tuesday, June 20, the Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Aisén Etcheverry and the SEREMI of the portfolio, Sofía Valenzuela, accompanied by the Rector of the University of Concepción, Carlos Saavedra, arrived at the Vice-Rector’s Office for Research and Development of the UdeC, where they held a meeting to analyze the contributions of this House of Studies to sustainable development, together with the Vice Chancellor of this unit, Dr. Andrea Rodríguez Tastets, the Director of Research and Artistic Creation, Dr. Ronald. Mennickent Cid and the Director of Development and Innovation, Dr. Jorge Carpinelli Pavisich.
On the occasion, the Minister was able to learn details of the main frontier science projects, in which the University participates, as well as research centers that have ANID funding.
The meeting included the participation of Dr. Aldo Delgado (MIRO); Rubén Escribano (IMO); Dr. Camila Fernández (COPAS Coastal); Dr. Anibal Pauchard (IEB-Chile); Dr. Renato Quiñones (INCAR) and Dr. Óscar Pizarro (Center for Ocean Technology and Instrumentation).