Publicado el 23 January, 2024 / News

INCAR – UauCh participated at INLARVI 2024

The VIII International Workshop INLARVI 2024 took place on January 19th, with the involvement of two INCAR researchers. The event organized by the Multidisciplinary Network Core for the Development of Marine Larviculture of Species with Complex Life Cycles (INLARVI) at the Austral University of Chile (UACh) aimed to explore and discuss the latest scientific advancements and research lines in the cultivation of commercially important aquaculture species, focusing on welfare, immune system, and health. 

The workshop included the participation of researchers from Chile, Spain and Norway. Dr. Jaime Figueroa, Principal Investigator of the research line RP3 “Animal Health in Marine Environment” line presented the talk “Health status of  Mytilus chilensis from intensive culture areas in Chile and First characterization of the intestinal microbiome of the mussel associated with two field conditions” while Dr. Jaime Figueroa, from the same research line presented the talk  “New tools for in vitro analysis of functional additives for diets applied in aquatic organisms have been developed”.