Publicado el 27 February, 2024 / News

“Do Chilean imports lead prices in the EU mussel market” named Best Paper of The Year by “Aquaculture Economics and Management” Journal

The study “Do Chilean imports lead prices in the EU mussel market”, by the researchers of the “Socioeconomic Sustainability” line of the Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research (INCAR), and Academics from the University of Concepción, Dr. Leonardo Salazar and Dr. Jorge Dresdner, won the award for Best Paper of the Year published in the journal “Aquaculture Economics and Management”.

The academics’ research published in the prestigious journal revealed that mussels imported from Chile affect pricing throughout the European Union’s processed mussel import market, regardless of differences in the type of product between Spain and the markets. French and Italian. “We estimate a cointegrated vector autoregressive (CVAR) model for the mussel import markets of France, Italy and Spain and test price leadership. The results indicate that import prices from Chile, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands are determined within a fully integrated market, so prices are proportional over time. All countries follow the example of the prices of Chilean mussels in the French market, which on average are among the lowest of the main importers in this market,” explain the INCAR Researchers, who are Academics of the Faculty of Economic Sciences. and Administrative of the University of Concepción (FACEA UdeC).

“We accept this award as a recognition of applied research in aquaculture in Chile, above all, in a topic that had not been previously studied (Chile’s role in the European mussel market), and which we hope to continue delving into,” explained the Dr. Leonardo Salazar.

The award was announced at the “Aquaculture America 2024” Congress held between February 18 – 21, 2024, in San Antonio, Texas, United States.