RP5 – Socioeconomic Sustainability

The Socioeconomic Sustainability Research Program (RP5) is by itself an interdisciplinary research line in different social science disciplines. It includes researchers from the fields of Economics, Sociology, and Political Science. It aims to contribute to the main purpose of INCAR–to produce useful scientific results that help to promote the sustainable development of aquaculture in Chile. It interacts with other research lines in the INCAR to develop a bridge for extended interdisciplinary work between natural and social sciences.

RP5 has four (4) Research Goals that guide its activity and that contribute to the four main goals of the center:

Goal 1. Characterize regulatory frameworks and institutions that enhance sustainable aquaculture in Chile.

Goal 2. Improve the positive effect of aquaculture on living conditions by identifying the extent of this impact and its underlying mechanisms.

Goal 3. Contribute to the insertion of Chilean aquaculture in world markets and develop relations with global stakeholders that promote sustainable development.

Goal 4. Increase the resiliency of aquaculture stakeholders to climate change and climate variability.