Eco salmon farmer Ninja

Eco salmon farmer Ninja is a virtual reality game developed in 2017 by INCAR and Inmersia VR where players must protect a fish farm from pollution caused by waste and the Sea Lice.

The idea was realized at the technological fair called “La Pcera”, organized by Congreso Futuro and the School of Design at the Catholic University of Santiago, where various research groups, design students, and computer engineers participated to generate synergy and new projects. This initiative allowed INCAR to collaborate with Inmersia VR in the development of the idea, which ultimately obtained the third place at the fair. Finally, in October 2017, the INCAR team started to work with Inmersia on the final design of the game, with the participation of Dr. Renato Quiñones, Director of INCAR, and researchers from the center. This virtual reality game was premiered in May 2018 at the Month of the Sea Fair, held in Arauco, and since then it has been showcased at various scientific fairs and outreach events in educational institutions from the Biobío Region to Chiloé. In the game, players must protect a fish farm from pollution and the “Sea Louse” using a sword, a vacuum cleaner, and a pesticide, all without harming the marine ecosystem. Eco salmon farmer ninja has been classified as a playful and innovative project, as it aims to raise awareness about the conservation of natural resources by delivering scientific content to children.