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«INCAR, CRHIAM, and CICAT are joining to commence Llico’s scientific meeting «Water and Sustainability: Science for lif.»»

Over a hundred of second year elementary students from Tubul, Punta Lavapié, Laraquete, Llico, and Arauco, will participate in the meeting, which starts with a visit to different centers of Universidad de Concepción.

The meeting was organized by INCAR, Center of Water Resources for Aquaculture and Mining (CRHIAM), Interactive Center of Science, Art, and Technology (CICAT), and Llico’s Liceo Técnico Pesquero Filidor Gaete Monsálvez. The purpose of the meeting is to promote and disseminate science in a didactic and entertaining way, making the students interested in water-wise science issues.

Francisco Paredes, director of Llico’s Liceo Filidor Gaete Monsálvez stated that «it is very important to make the students from the coastal edge in the commune of Arauco interested in science. Interacting and experimenting in the different laboratories will definitely be an enriching and important experience for our young students».

The first activity of these scientific meetings will begin at CICAT, located in Coronel. There, the students will have the opportunity of interacting with water-wise and environmental samples, and science workshops, in addition to the guided visit to the interactive sample «My super brain».

During the afternoon, the students will be taken to the facilities of Universidad de Concepción to visit the laboratories associated with INCAR, where studies of oceanography and marine biotechnology are performed. Additionally, they will enjoy a tour of the facilities of the Faculty of Natural and Oceanographic Sciences from UdeC.

«For our center, it is highly relevant to strengthen the link with coastal communities through this kind of dissemination activities with aquaculture high schools and elementary schools, which are very distant from the scientific world. We have worked with Llico’s high school for a long time; with them we have organized different projects like Explore with Aquaponics. And this year is the second version of the science meetings, which we expect can still be organized» stated Pablo Carrasco, in charge of INCAR’s human resources and relation with society.

On the other hand, CRHIAM will organize a tour for the young visitants to the sedimentology, fish, and macroinvertebrate bentonics laboratories located at the Center of Environmental Sciences-EULA, with the goal of presenting different works of CRHIAM.

Dr. Felipe Tucca, in charge of CRHIAM’s activities, stated «we are very happy to be part of this meeting that will allow students from coastal edges to learn about the work that the researchers of water resources issues do. As the center of priority areas, we feel deeply engaged with the dissemination of science and technology to generate opportunities for interaction between the academic world and the community».

The second stage of this meeting will take place from November 7th to 10th, at Llico’s Liceo Técnico Pesquero Filidor Gaete Monsálvez. At this opportunity, the researchers will take the presentations and workshops to the locality in order to bring science closer to hundreds of young people from the coastal edge. Likewise, there will be a science dissemination fair open to educational institutions in the province of Arauco and will have the participation of different research centers.

This activity is supported by the Regional Associative Project EXPLORE Biobío.

9:00 – 12:00:          Visit to CICAT
12:00 -14:00:         Transport Coronel-Concepción and lunch
14:30 –17:30:        UdeC visit
18:00 – 18:30:       Presentation «Our water and its sustainable use» from Dr. Mauricio Quiroz
18:30:                    End of the event