Outreach & Communications

Outreach & Comunications

INCAR’s outreach program aims to inspire society and share the information generated by researchers at the Center. Our outreach program also provides INCAR researchers, students, postdoctoral fellows, and technicians with opportunities to engage with a wider audience and diverse actors. Being convinced of the importance of connecting scientific work with communities, we have created a wide range of comprehensive outreach initiatives,

The main Lines of Action of the Outreach Program of INCAR are:

  1.  Support education and social appreciation of science with an emphasis on public technical high schools that award technical qualifications in aquaculture;
  2. Promote an integrated and sustainable model for the development of Small-Scale Aquaculture (SSA) in Chile;
  3. Strengthen communication and dissemination channels towards society;
  4. Contribute to dissemination and the awareness of good practices conducive to sustainable aquaculture for those technical staff in the aquaculture sector;
  5. Create Strategic links with decision makers;
  6. Produce audiovisual material on sustainable aquaculture and
  7. Strengthen INCAR’s internal communication system. The following is an overview of the Center’s main outreach activities and goals achieved during the period 2018-2022, organized by each of the seven lines of action of INCAR’s outreach program.