Publicado el 5 April, 2017 / Noticias / Uncategorized

“Cycle of workshops of scientific writing by INCAR come to an end”

From October 12th to 13th, the “Writing of scientific articles of high importance workshop”, dictated by Dr. Eduardo Fuentes and Ashley van Cott, from BioPub company, was held at the UNAB headquarters of República in Santiago and Viña del Mar.
A total of 12 students from the line of research in Marine Genomics and Native Resources participated in the workshop, deepening on how to properly write a scientific article or “paper”.

The activities during both days considered theory and practice, which had a great reception from the members of the line 2 of INCAR, who face directly the challenges of writing an article of this nature. It is expected that these tools can help in the training of the students and professionals that participated in the workshop, as well as generating indirectly interest in writing science texts, improving their scientific writing skills so they can publish in international magazines.