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“INCAR participated in the traditional technology fair of the Technical High School “Liceo Insular of Achao” in Chiloé.”

As part of the Science Month, the INCAR center participated in the traditional technology fair of the Liceo Insular of Achao. Students and teachers from other schools, as well as the community of Achao, got to examine the work in each of the areas of the Liceo that were presented in the fair. INCAR activities began on 26 October with a talk on sustainable aquaculture and environmental monitoring presented by the marine biologist Jaime Gutiérrez especially for Liceo students specializing in aquaculture.

In the open session that began on 27 October the aquaculture students presented a stand with the title “Aquaponics: a sustainable aquaculture system for Achao”; visitors had a close up view of the system and could understand a bit more about a combination of freshwater fish (trout) and hydroponic vegetable (lettuce) cultivation and why it is sustainable. This is one result of a project on aquaponics which INCAR has been developing with the Liceo Insular de Achao since 2015.

Another presentation was entitled “Caligus, the sea louse”, which included samples of this parasite that could be observed under a microscope and the key scientific concepts being developed to combat sustainably this pest that attacks salmonids. Students of the scientific-humanist and technical-professional modes also participated in this fair with a number of stands where they presented their studies elaborated in 2016 in their courses and workshops.