Publicado el 2 May, 2023 / News

Study linked to the Socioeconomic Sustainability line of the INCAR Center obtains the Award for the Best Paper on Antitrust Economic Policies

The research paper titled “Welfare Effects of Trade Associations: The Case of the Chilean Salmon Export Industry” has been awarded the Robert F. Lanzilotti Prize for Best Antitrust Economics Paper at the XXI Annual Conference of the International Industrial Organization. The authors of this paper are Tom Eiseberg from the University of Delaware, Debi Prasad Mohapatra from the University of Massachusetts, and Dr. Manuel Estay, an Academic at UdeC and Adjunct Researcher in the “Socioeconomic Sustainability” line of the INCAR Center. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the welfare effects of trade associations in the Chilean salmon export industry. By utilizing detailed data on prices, sales, association membership, and product variety, the authors examine the costs and benefits associated with the existence of these associations. This study contributes to the understanding of the role of trade associations in promoting economic efficiency and competition in the industry.

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