Publicado el 27 June, 2023 / News

Dr. Doris Soto will moderate the launch seminar of the FIC-R Project “Marine Farms: Productive Innovation in Management Areas”

Next Wednesday, June 28, the launch seminar of the FIC-R project “Marine Farms: Productive Innovation in Management Areas” will be held. The event organized by the Universidad Católica del Norte will begin at 10:00 a.m. with the research presentation “Marine Farms”, by the UCN Academic, MSc. Cristian Sepúlveda, in the context of the FIC-R Project “Aquaculture Program in Management Areas”.

The seminar will be moderated by the Principal Investigator of Centro INCAR, Dr. Doris Soto, who will present “Analysis of the proposal of Marine Farms for APE under the framework of the ecosystem approach to aquaculture” and includes the following round of presentations:

– “Experience and background for the culture of northern oysters (Argopecten purpuratus) and sea chicorea (Chondracanthus chamissoi)”. MSc. David Yáñez, Marine Botanical Laboratory, Catholic University of the North.
– “Marine Farms as a step towards the diversification of aquaculture resources and sustainability”. Jeremías García, Fish Farmer and Artisanal Fisherman – Company “Sol Tardío S.A”, Tongoy.

– “Cultivation of native fish in management areas: an opportunity for artisanal fishing and a challenge for all”. Dr. Edison Serrano, Fish Laboratory Manager, Universidad Católica del Norte.

The activity will take place in the Shizuo Akaboshi Hall, of the Faculty of Marine Sciences of the UCN, and will be broadcast via Facebook Live of the Aquaculture Program in Management Areas – UCN.

Download here the program.