Publicado el 10 July, 2023 / News

UACh, Centro INCAR and IFOP come together to characterize and evaluate the genetics of natural banks of mussels

The execution of the FIPA 2023-01 project “Characterization and ecological and genetic evaluation of the natural banks of mussels and their contribution to the availability of larvae for the seed collection activity, stage 1: Reloncaví Fjord and communes of Hualaihué and Castro, recently began. ».

The initiative led by researchers Dr. Carlos Molinet, from the Austral University of Chile and the INCAR Center; Dr. Marcela Astorga, from the Austral University of Chile; Dr. Cristian Gallardo, from the University of Concepción and the INCAR Center; Dr. Cristián Segura and Dr. (c) David Opazo, from the Fisheries Development Institute.

As part of the project, the first activity carried out was a coordination meeting between the Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Fund (FIPA), the Sanitary and Pest Management Unit (UGSP) and the Benthic Resources Unit (URB) of the Undersecretary of Fishing, both technical counterpart of the project; in addition to the executing group of the project.

With regard to the objectives and deadlines of the project, it will be extended for a period of 17 months in order to carry out an ecological and genetic evaluation of the main natural banks of mussels in the Reloncaví fjord, Hualaihué commune and Castro estuary, to determine its contribution to the larval availability for the seed collection activity.

The second scheduled activity will take place the first week of August and it will define the banks that will be studied in the aforementioned areas.