Publicado el 30 October, 2023 / News

Dr. Frank Asche participated in seminar on green certifications in aquaculture, organized by INCAR’s Socioeconomic Sustainability line

Dr. Frank Asche, Professor of Natural Resource Economics at the University of Florida participated in the “Green Certifications in Aquaculture” seminar organized INCAR’s Socioeconomic Sustainability line on October 26th.

Dr. Asche discussed the concept of green certifications and their impact on product demand. “A certification is designed to segment a market as environmentally conscious consumers increase their demand for eco-labeled products and reduce their demand for unlabeled products, thereby increasing the price of certified products compared to those without certification. This will provide a market incentive for producers to change their production practices to meet the established requirements for certification and sell their products at a higher price,” explained Dr. Asche during his presentation.

The academic stated that the large number of available green certifications reveal both the multitude of environmental challenges faced by the food production system and the heterogeneity of consumers and the commercial insight of certifiers willing to supply what is demanded. “There is evidence that eco-labels can help to some producers and markets, but not to all of them,” he explained.

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