Publicado el 12 November, 2023 / News

“Exploradores: del átomo al cosmos” premieres a new episode this Wednesday, focusing on INCAR Center

On November 15th, an episode of “Exploradores: del átomo al cosmos” will air, featuring six INCAR researchers. The upcoming episode will explore three important topics: “The importance of freshwater aquaculture production”, “Chilean aquaculture on a global scale”, and “How aquaculture aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?”  

“The importance of freshwater aquaculture production” will be discussed by Dr. Doris Soto, Dr. Ruben Avendaño-Herrera, and Dr. Jorge León from INCAR. They will delve into the research conducted by the center on freshwater fish farming, specifically focusing on the cultivation phase in freshwater. Over the past decade, the researchers at INCAR have approached this issue from various angles, generating valuable scientific information. This has resulted in the development of new regulations, operational proposals, and guidance for drug development.  

“Chilean Aquaculture in the World” will feature Dr. Manuel Estay and Dr. Leonardo Salzar, who will shed light on the advancements in Chile’s aquaculture production and exports. This aligns with the global trend in the industry, as aquaculture is gradually becoming the primary source of marine proteins, replacing traditional fishing and capture methods. This transition has been happening gradually and is expected to continue growing in the future.  

Finally, “How does aquaculture respond to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?” will include the insights of Dr. Doris Soto and Dr. Jorge Dresdner. The discussion will focus on how aquaculture contributes to the SDGs proposed by the United Nations for 2030.